Big hadron made the town Liu Qiangdong how to use electricity providers to change their hometown

Fei Xinjun knocked at the door for 10 minutes. Two workers were found to be working in a few meters outside the field to smoke. He’s going to paint the back of the street, but he can’t find the owner. And waited for more than and 10 minutes, the teacher muttered to start early. He waved his hand to greet two people working. Online shopping Jingdong, save money and easy, he read the ad again, told the master, do not brush the wrong.


walk along the foot of the cement road more than ten minutes, is the hometown of Liu Qiangdong to the town of Guangming village. This house is the only building on the road into the village.

color brush to flash a half foot, finger is "makeup" teacher, rebuke them: stop what? How did not say on the brush on the fee? Army rushed forward to explain, Jingdong, can not find the owner to begin. Came to an old man, a Jingdong, the face of the haze sweeping, big hadron ah, brush it, brush it."

big hadron is a nickname for Liu Qiangdong, a local old man. This little village in the outside world who owns a Jingdong called the enterprise, he wants to brush advertising, fellow not only money, but very welcome. This makes Fei Xinjun’s job easier, as the person in charge of Jingdong in Suqian Suyu District Service Center, there are more than 3 thousand square meters of whitewashing tasks waiting for him to complete.

but "Jingdong" and "Liu Qiangdong" are also known in Suqian in recent years. In particular, this year’s Spring Festival, Liu Qiangdong in the home of the village of light scattered behavior, his personal reputation to the peak. Jingdong electricity supplier to the countryside, but also to close the relationship between each person and his business, not only at home to buy large hadron thing, Suyu District, there are 179 rural promoters to help him voice.

earlier this year, Liu Qiangdong and the Jingdong is "to describe the country, surnamed Liu, sell digital outside." Even in 2009, when the Jingdong decided to move the national customer service center to Suqian, the biggest problem was still hiring. Huang Jinhong, vice president of Jingdong in charge of customer service center sigh, the nature of the work of the service is not attractive on the bale, the key is that many people do not know that Liu Qiangdong from Suqian.


but now, Jingdong is a symbol of Suqian, a sign, or even a patron. Whether officials or people, because the company is the core of the birthplace of Liu Qiangdong and excited. Small town, village, referred to the electricity supplier business, everyone has a dream and hope.

Suqian is the youngest city in Jiangsu, built in 1996, has not been able to train. 8 in the morning, I start from Beijing, take the Beijing Shanghai high iron 3 hours to Xuzhou, high-speed run nearly 2 hours to Suqian. This time we hired a photographer is Suqian people, his most timid college is to go home early in the morning of more than and 10 hours on a bumpy, light into the house. "Closed, live, this is.

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