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derivative recently, due to the micro business in the circle of friends constantly refresh, many users stand it. Recently, CCTV secret micro marketing, the original micro business circle of friends is not just to sell products, a greater source of profit is the development of offline. Secret CCTV micro pyramid, a monthly income of 100 thousand, you can sit at home business, micro business of this kind is found in most MLM model. Secret CCTV micro marketing, micro business through the circle of friends to show off their wealth, attract offline join, then the line to develop off the assembly line, takings.


secret micro marketing: a monthly income of 100 thousand do not rely on the development of lower level agents to make money on the retail

Hebei micro business Yan Yan said that before she joined the ranks of students through the micro friends. The friend at the beginning of the circle of friends sent a mask products, this product she never heard of, asked the friend. The friend said that the city is now very popular, and particularly good, a box of six, the market price of $198, from here to take the goods cheaper. The derivative seller has continued to send her in the circle of friends on the day of the income makes screenshots, Ms. Yan more heart.

reporter asked: "how much income?"

Ms. Yan said: "588 yuan,

yuan, in particular, more than 198 yuan. She also has a minimum order of 138 yuan, but also to see there are two orders of $1100. On one occasion I saw her sent a more than 6000 yuan. Her life is quite rich, every day of her pictures, then mask picture, take the kids to go for a ride, very leisurely and carefree. She said that the industry to earn tens of thousands of people is the least, also said that after six months to buy a Porsche car. She sent me a picture of the car, said to be a micro business in Zhejiang, less than half a year to buy a car."

in front of the blueprint for the seller to build a good blueprint, Ms. Yan holding the attitude to try to join the entrepreneurial team.

mask was the price of 120 yuan a box, said the line must be more than ten boxes to ship. A box is six, 198 yuan can be sold to earn $78, then the income of the box is one day of ten of the income of $780. Think of their suppliers can sell forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan a month, Ms. Yan’s confidence is sufficient. Mask women like to use, sales must be bad, but the results are contrary to her expectations.

Ms. Yan took 6000 dollars of goods, because this mask is not known, but the price is also expensive than ordinary mask, although Ms. Yan put WeChat all know people sell again, but still not what sales. She just t account, two months sold more than and 10 boxes of mask, deduct the discount factor, earn 50 yuan per box, at the end of her two month net profit of only six hundred or seven hundred dollars, time and energy to take into account that is not sell goods, but also lost nearly two thousand.

The on-line

Ms. Yan followed her out of the mystery: the real money not by retail, but by the development of lower level agents, and.

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