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March 22, 2012, iResearch Consulting Group held the annual summit meeting of the seventh session of the National Convention Center in Beijing, the meeting set the main venue of the "new economy" and "electronic commerce", "mobile Internet" and "Internet marketing" at the venue. The depth of interpretation, and uncover the pattern, change, "bureau" Finality "mystery.

2012 Chinese Internet users exceeded 500 million mark in 2012; the number of China Mobile Internet users is expected to reach 451 million; with the "triple play", "cloud computing", "Internet of things" these new concepts emerge in an endless stream and perfect, will become a booster of the Internet economy in 2012 Chinese; such a fierce Internet industry who will be the talent shows itself. Who dares to innovate? Who will be recognized by the users and favor? Capital market enthusiasm, to Chinese Internet market is growing? Seventh Ereli summit will be invited to a new pattern of industry of new and old leader together with you on the Internet in 2012 economic development, finally will form what kind of change in the situation encountered foregone conclusion and development.

the following is the author of the interactive topic of e-commerce business operations, the contents of the record:

anchor: the next link is the interactive link, pay more attention to the theme of the interactive link today is key in 2012 the entire e-commerce operations, so we design different issues very much in the interactive link, but we were put before a few guests invited to the stage, use about an hour the time to talk over together, every expert and trend of what they think of e-commerce operations this year. First please Qihoo 560 electricity supplier division general manager Yu Guangdong. General Liang Kailiang then invited Wuzhou online. Next we invite the general manager of red child Chen Shuangchen. We invited fourth guests is Chen Gang Chen mafengwo. Finally, we welcome President Jiang Jiang Lei tiexue.

I want to please you are the key factors for 2012 electricity supplier operations we have what simple views, for the entire electricity supplier operations from marketing, from the service from the SKU products, from every kind of even from the operation of the capital market, including an issue to pick their own feel concern, with a brief 5 minutes in this with you to do a presentation. First of all please.

Yu Guangdong: Hello everyone, I come from the 360 security guards in. In fact, there have been many times e-commerce forum, last year, when we talk about the 360 e-commerce when we are very surprised to say that 360 seems to be a security company has nothing to do with e-commerce. But I believe that from the beginning of this year, we all know that the 360 in the pan security layout, that is to say from 360 to start the whole browser including a full set of 360 security web site, 360 video, e-commerce related vertical field service is also slowly to meet with you. Now 360 of the e-commerce model is very simple, and now the pattern of the entire e-commerce we are thinking of e-commerce this two >

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