nternational online business – to create a rich echung new platform

is the international e-commerce business platform echung Hubei Minfu network science and technology limited company to build the world, there are ten large shopping mall, tens of thousands of products. Customers of the company not only has a network marketing team, high-quality team, planning team, to join the service, but also has a professional core technical team, to create a shopping mall with a set of independent intellectual property rights. To join the business to provide a professional, complete mall operation technical support.


Yi Chong’s International Mall landing all goods from echung international headquarters in hundreds of products in carefully selected products, each commodity has its own characteristics, each product is by the purchasing department after screening out of layers, and echung international has a long-term cooperative relationship with many manufacturers the purchase price is low, so the establishment of excellent quality. Big profit.

in the face of the development boom China electricity supplier, electricity supplier gangster Ma said such a sentence, you do not do business now, five years later, you will have no business can be! Join Yichuang international will be the trend due to represent the general trend. In order to be able to help more people to succeed in business, Yichuang International Mall has always insisted on the threshold is low, less investment, high return investment philosophy, and strive to achieve the entrepreneurial dream for more and more people


join echung International (http://s.00995.com/), the achievements of your entrepreneurial dream, create your own wealth


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