B2C e-commerce website seven deadly market misunderstanding

The survival of

B2C website is to provide users with the highest cost of goods and services. Whether it is clothing, shoes and bags, audio and video, virtual card, IT, digital health care products, which categories of B2C, are full of users, goods and services, the three elements of efforts, in order to ensure the benign development of the website, the electricity supplier market occupy a high. While the market promotion is the first link of Internet users registered, active and loyal transformation, the impact, if the marketing direction is wrong, the entire site will delay the progress of the development, will enable the site to perish if.

the author of this paper is the focus of the country is that, in the promotion of B2C, some common and fatal errors:

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1 forms: absolutely can reflect the market in the vast majority of small and medium-sized B2C site boss’s voice, the boss or investment NPC more from the traditional industries, in their view, for the development of enterprise personnel, hardware, office site will spend a lot of cost, the site has been built and commodity is rich. Spend money to do marketing is completely shameless waste, only the full staff are soldiers, in the case of no money, the site launched to the water to do.


2, the result of this approach no matter how much you want to change as can be imagined, the marketing team, how senior electronic commerce occupation manager, site of the water will always linger in the sales of the "0" and "0 sales breakthrough", will not have a big improvement and change, even the boss because of breaking the 0 sales and pleased with oneself. Of course, after a few months will be unable to pay wages and worry.

3, comments: today’s society, people have been living in the endless array of crazy advertising, Internet users to contact all kinds of Web sites every day, no less than a thousand links. Not to mention a domain name just on the line, even the new staff can not remember the website? You let users from which way to the site? Even if you want to sit back and wait, the trees are tall and sturdy, and be ingrained with luxuriant foliage.


limited outlook

1 forms: regardless of store products and other B2C electricity supplier how homogenization, regardless of whether the product price advantage, regardless of whether the high cost of logistics, the decision-making site will therefore and some compliments, their location to China flatly e-commerce leader in the ranks of the site. In the discourse, to the staff to convey the company after the listing of the plan. Because of the extreme self-confidence, so calm and believe that only a little move, netizens will stampede in, to panic buying.


command staff hard the size of the forum posting, free free spam software, Taobao and other famous sites in the shop. The evaluation criteria of the market team is usually made a number of posts, the number of messages sent, whether the sale of goods in Taobao.

Results: 2

, the marketing team all through the night post, will usually be the forum automatically with the ad >

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