Chanel lowered the price of luxury electricity supplier in mainland China have a way out

[Abstract] Chanel said the price adjustment to narrow the spread of each market, and to combat the purchasing market. Pure luxury electricity supplier to survive more difficult.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 20th

remember the famous street in Italy before the Gucci shop on the road to eat instant noodles Chinese Boyle? In the foreseeable future, the aunt who might buy almost the same price and quality in front of the computer and the domestic counter in luxury, and no longer need to buy.

recently, the luxury brand Chanel announced that it will lower the price of mainland China, while raising the price of Europe, the rate was 20%, after the price difference between the two does not exceed the price of 5%. Chanel said the price adjustment to narrow the spread of each market, and to combat the purchasing market. Followed by luxury group LVMH’s Swiss watch TAG Heuer also announced a 13% reduction; in addition, the French brand Dior’s $two handbags have been reduced by $10% this month.

The Chanel

and other luxury goods price will give the already difficult living China luxury what impact? Related to the science and technology Tencent said: "the future of pure luxury business survival will be more difficult, the transformation will be the only way out."

Chanel is just the first step

According to

Beijing, Shanghai science and technology Tencent, some Chanel stores have received notice of price adjustment and has replaced the price card, consumers have been looted ahead of the news that some of these products.

previously, luxury goods in the country had a price case. In 2014, LVMH’s high-end brand watches Hublot, zenith, played in Hongkong, the mainland price tag heuer banner, hoping to activate the mainland consumer market price advantage. Previously, the mainland and Hongkong watch price spread in 10%-20%.

This seems to be consistent with the

luxury play does not match, had had news that some luxury brands manufacturers prefer over quarter and even some damaged goods destroyed, is not willing to sale, the purpose is to maintain the high-end luxury image.

according to a luxury brand insiders, for many luxury consumer groups, the price is not important, even the off-season, luxury goods will not sell at a discount, because the discount will give the customer a quality that reduces the desire to buy.

At the same time the

insiders also said: "in the science and technology Tencent has just entered the China, luxury pricing is the exchange rate as a benchmark, but because the China market is relatively closed, these luxury brands do not even make any changes you can make money, so no luxury brands are willing to cut prices."

this view has been recognized by the industry, there is a channel for the luxury goods Tencent said the price Chanel, may enhance the Chinese part of market sales, but in the long run, the overall income does not increase.

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