Be careful not to let the site open speed affect your ranking

with the progress and development of the Internet, as the important agenda of marketing network marketing has been raised, more and more owners began to dig into the web site of the open speed problem is, if the site’s stability and speed not to go, even if you invest more money, web design and appearance, the content of the website how rich and colorful, but also of no avail, many potential customers will lose. A6 Xiaobian remind you: be careful, do not let the site open speed affect your ranking!

first, we can enhance the user to open the site for the first time experience, to maintain a good first impression. Yes, people get along with people, if the first impression is not good, then how hard it is difficult to change the late. We should be the fastest speed so that users know us, understand us, and then use the excellent website design and quality of the content of the site to retain the user, become their own loyal fans.

secondly, the speed can improve the overall site optimization effect of SEO. You know? Baidu intelligent algorithms at present has become very advanced, website weight it will be based on the speed of the open web site gives you the science, and the weight high website will be able to get the favour of search engine and patronize. Such a site, users stay in the above time will be longer, the benefits brought about by the corresponding upgrade.

the most important thing is that the speed can also improve the effectiveness of network marketing. Because we will generally use the site to publish soft Wen, advertising, etc., to promote. If the user found that the site browsing speed is very slow, the user will lose patience, naturally these soft text and click on the ads will be lost, of course, more people will not be reproduced.

so, site open speed will affect the weight of the website and ranking, the webmaster should often focus on speed of opening their own website, regularly to the site to do optimization, eliminate factors that impede the speed of opening the website, provide users a smooth browsing platform, this can let you have a large group of potential customers, and then start to promote the network more easily. As a result, whether it is online advertising, or soft marketing, the effect will be instantaneous multiplication. Users will also like to visit your site, may become a browsing habits. In addition, A6 chain alliance wants to remind you that if your site has opened slowly, please don’t let the "bad" situation to continue, contact us immediately, we will provide the most intimate service for you, must be able to solve your problem. Sina News submission Id=4