Cross border suspension today said it intends to plan major acquisitions

October 24th news, the latest learned billion state power network today, A shares of listed companies to cross-border e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd Tongbao announced today the suspension, to be planning a major acquisition.

billion state power network from cross-border announcement to understand, the cross-border planning to acquire the assets involved in cross-border electricity supplier industry, the transaction is expected to: not limited to cash or issue of shares to buy assets. The suspension is expected to be no more than 10 trading days, such as the assets involved in the acquisition of assets involved in the decision of a major reorganization, the company will continue to apply for suspension.

According to

billion state power network to understand, cross-border e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd formerly known as Tong Bao hundred round pants industry, the company the full acquisition of universal Tesco in July 2014, began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier.

in the first half of last year, has invested in Shenzhen cross-border Qianhai PA extension network technology Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Johnson hundred Lun Trading Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen Qualcomm techmopo Limited three characteristics of cross-border business enterprise.

in June last year, a hundred round pants industry will be referred to as the company’s securities referred to as cross-border pass, has identified the company’s main business and business direction. In July of this year, cross-border electricity supplier began to change the import and export enterprises to 48 million 400 thousand yuan strategic investment in Shenzhen import electricity supplier supply chain integrated service providers cross-border easy, holding a stake of 24.863%.