Su Kang Kang the use of soft paper to get a profit analysis of travel orders

now you see this article, is Su Kang Kang in mid June 2011 to Jilin Province, Longwan triangle scenic spots, some of the soft Wen on the earnings. This article is just a general idea, the specific implementation needs some additional conditions.

soft money causes the idea of

June 2011, Su Di Kang with the class tour to Jilin province Longwan River scenic area, for a period of one and a half "after-graduation trip". In one and a half days, successively in the scenic DIAOSHUIHU waterfall, a stroll through the big Longwan.

We found some problems in the process of


specifically, I saw a lot of tourists at the hanging water falls from the group, there are young students, but also uncle aunt. While DIAOSHUIHU scenic waterfall is still in development, many lots to see the workers in the repair Road, everywhere some scrap wood. Guided tour with the group (surname Ruan, the name is unknown) consulting, Nguyen said that the entire triangle Longwan scenic development has not yet fully completed, many attractions have not yet opened. This shows that the potential of the triangular Longwan scenic area is also great, the ability to attract tourists and reception capacity will rise in the future – which also means that the rise in profitability.

about a day and a half after returning home, said the tour guide with a group of very tired, when they climbed the peak of the pavilion, I have been to the top of the hill, the legs trembled. Visible band is also an individual activity.

all need to pay a lot of physical activity, can be outsourced.

soft money about the general idea of

first need to see where the profit point appears.

for scenic spots, tickets and internal attractions charges, are profitable. Rental income surrounding commercial activities, but also an important profit point. But this part is basically in the hands of scenic spots, not a cup of soup.

of the travel agency, is mainly fixed fee tours, there may be some basic necessities of life rebate. This is part of the travel agency within the transaction, the outside is not good to intervene.

also has a profit point, that is, travel agency order source. I am not a tourist insider, not familiar with the specific mechanism. However, the analogy of a variety of educational institutions admissions, travel agencies should also have a similar internal recruitment agency mechanism. Baidu travel agent can find a large number of similar news reports.

due to orders from the community, we can control, so the key to soft money is here.

soft profit gross process

first clear point, profit highlights in different organizations bordering part, commonly known as intermediary agents.

can get orders and sold to the travel agency should meet the following conditions:

the first and most important must have the opportunity to be interviewed. This to any one >