bought a net to put half pound of fresh logistics financing

relative to Jingdong, Tmall and other competitors, I bought the network has been emphasizing the depth of the logistics chain, which will become one of the key factors affecting the future competition pattern of fresh electricity supplier.


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has a strong background of state-owned enterprises, was described as the birth of a golden key, I bought a new network has recently been a new action.

received $100 million in financing since last year, COFCO’s electricity supplier of food I bought net announces $220 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion. This round of financing led by the Taikang Life, Baidu, Yunlong capital, investment capital with the sun together, Huaxing capital as financial adviser. After the completion of the financing, is still the largest shareholder COFCO I bought net.

single amount of financing from the point of view, I bought the food network is a single electricity supplier in the largest amount of financing. Four months ago, fresh food based orchard has announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing, causing the market is not a small concern. And this time I bought a network equivalent to 3 times the size of the huge amount of financing every day, it seems to release the company to accelerate the signal.

usually cold chain distribution system directly determines the integrity of the electricity supplier will be sent to the customer in the hands of the speed and quality, which is often a professional and strength of the company, the financial test. Prior to the slow development of fresh electricity supplier, mostly due to the industry’s cold chain distribution system is not perfect.

according to the interface news reporter, fresh food cold chain logistics costs twice higher than ordinary products. A report from the data analysis firms Analysys report shows that China’s fresh food rot loss rate is as high as 10%-25%, while the fresh food loss rates in developed countries are maintained at about 5% of ordinary commercial goods loss rate was less than 1%.


entered from the time point of view, 2011 will be involved in the fresh category I bought net is the earlier layout of the company, but limited to the logistics consumption environment and their own conditions at that time, I bought the network in the electricity market’s performance is not eye-catching, the pace of development is somewhat slow.

A survey report of

iResearch show that in 2015 China users online shopping online shopping site workers commonly used fresh, the most commonly used fresh, fresh and Jingdong Tmall at shop No. 1, the proportion was 27.4%, 22% and 14.2%, and I bought the network ranked sixth, behind the SF preferred and orchard every day. Monthly income of 10 thousand yuan -2 Yuan office workers is precisely the most important users of fresh online shopping.

although I bought the network did not mention the expanding market share targets, but the company is clearly not satisfied with the status quo.

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, I bought the food network CEO Zhao Pingyuan said, the C round of financing will be mainly used for the website and the improvement of cold chain distribution system upgrade and expansion, in the high quality fresh category of overseas direct mining, has its own brand and continue to enhance the service experience, to further expand its competitive advantage and brand awareness.

I bought a net already in cold chain