How to avoid flicker design company

what is a fool? "Said" out is the beauty, "do" out of the xifeng.

look forward to the enterprise, the last tragic call fooled, and then the design industry distrust. The boss blows a lot after turned to look at the program after the signing, payment, let the work type design company from; while breeding a large number of low-cost release than the phenomenon of plagiarism, a serious blow to the design industry. This is for the enterprise and the design industry, is a lose lose.

enterprises how to identify the flicker design company?.

1, see case



design company, the case on the site and the effect of beautiful, demonstration, new idea, creative images are beautiful and exciting, itching for cooperation.


everyone knows that the effect diagram was a perfect, lotus is also a powerful and unconstrained style, can PS beauty. However, this is not true, the implementation does not come out, for the enterprise, what is the use?. So, look at the case, do not be misled by the renderings.


A, a web site to the list of cases by case, click home design company, if most list are flooded with renderings, the higher the degree of flicker.

B, a demonstration case, if a wonderful part of a live demonstration of case design company is to map the main effect, but no subsequent product support, flicker degree will be higher. So, no matter how wonderful he said, we must look at the finished picture to him, can not get the words, the basic is the flicker of the.

C, to the market to see the case, conditional, then directly to the design of the company in the case of stores, counters to see, immediately at a glance, who also fooled you.

2, the defective rate of


some design companies, put out the case is quite good, but the real cooperation, but found very general, and even very bad.


have any production success rate, failure rate.

design company out are the most successful case, how much will the defective rate, made bad, no one would say, no customers to investigate. In fact, enterprises in the evaluation of a design company, the defective rate is the most important point.

don’t always think that, with this design company signed up, out of the things and see the case as good. Haha, the truth is often the opposite. Therefore, the assessment of the design company, the most important thing is to see how the average level of the case of the company, in case of rotten to what extent.



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