Ma Yun was again relegated to second tier in order to business e-commerce

a lot of people think Ma announced that no longer serve as Alibaba group CEO is to give young people more opportunities, at the same time take a back seat only policy guidance, after all to have 48 year old Internet practitioners, he should take a break. Who would have thought that Ma Yun’s second tier life will be accompanied by their own entrepreneurial process again, and this time the target is still e-commerce.

The development of

e-commerce is restricted by the logistics, so Ma will take the logistics;

through the media we learned that the series of closed door meetings for the Alibaba group and trade enterprises, capital and financial institutions, and strategic consensus at the meeting, plans to jointly build intelligent logistics backbone network, the network can support the daily 30 billion (at an annual rate of about 10 trillion) retail sales network, so that any regions of the country will be up to 24 delivery within the hour, and the project has entered the implementation stage.

is said to be named as "China’s intelligent logistics backbone (China Smart Logistic Network, referred to as CSN)", which is known as the "grid"". In accordance with the meeting decided that a number of companies and institutions will jointly participate in the joint construction of CSN. Project led by Alibaba group, Ma intends to serve as chairman of the board, intime Group Chairman Shen Guojun intends to CEO.


MA in the Alibaba group temporarily line, but he hard business ambition still shines. As we all know, now the domestic e-commerce Alibaba accounted for more than half of the land, its trading volume is rapidly rising year by year. On 2012 Taobao and Tmall transaction volume, it has exceeded 1 trillion yuan mark, it is clear that China’s e-commerce will enter the era of 10 trillion. At present, and Tmall on the net amount of more than 12 million single, double eleven day package produced more than 72 million single peak, the next few years, e-commerce will generate a huge amount of logistics demand, the existing logistics system will not be able to support, need a larger, more efficient social logistics system.

Ma Yun seems to build logistics Empire, in fact, paving the way for e-commerce;

Although Ma

this time the direction of entrepreneurship is a huge logistics system, but it is closely related to e-commerce. From the initial B2B, to the subsequent C2C, and then to the present B2C, Ma Yun’s kingdom of Alibaba has been covered by e-commerce to all the needs of individuals, businesses. Trading platform, payment system, mature management methods are to allow Alibaba to become the domestic e-commerce giant, but it is far from enough.

modern logistics system and e-commerce complement each other, it is a bridge connecting the network and reality. The development of e-commerce has led to the rapid development of China’s express logistics industry, but the delivery efficiency and throughput of express logistics industry is no longer adapted to the rapid development of e-commerce industry. Therefore, the need for a larger and faster and better logistics system and e-commerce forward together. >