Honey bud second push the explosive growth of the user experience into maternal cross-border competi

with the second child comprehensive introduction of favorable policies, maternal electricity supplier will usher in a new round of rapid development of the tide. Maternal commodities because of its characteristics of the audience, the user at the time of purchase for its quality safety has stringent requirements, but in recent years the domestic maternal and child products especially in milk and other infant food safety problems are often, leading users of domestic maternal and child products trust rapid decline.

at the same time, with the rapid increase of the income of domestic residents, overseas high-quality baby products began to receive more and more young parents, people began to shift the eyes shopping abroad, cross-border consumer demand rapid release. In the huge market demand, a large number of maternal and child electricity supplier platform began to enter the cross-border consumer market, the introduction of overseas high-quality maternal and child products in the online trading market.

honey bud since 2014 on the line, to seize the cross-border, maternal and child two outlets, in less than two and a half years to complete the 4 round of financing, the total amount of nearly $250 million. The rapid occupation of the market through innovation of marketing strategy, a huge positive occasion of cross-border business, become the leader of the industry China maternal electricity supplier.

In fact, although

cross-border business at the national level to support vigorously, but this new business is still not mature, especially in terms of logistics delivery delay as a result of poor user experience is the urgent need to focus on cross-border settlement. Now there is no cross-border electricity supplier can do this, it involves national policy, customs, warehousing and transportation business and other issues, we need to continue to promote more details to be improved." Honey bud CEO Liu Nan says. In September this year, Baidu has received a strategic investment of $150 million, it is reported that honey bud has begun to take advantage of this money to take the lead in solving the problem of cross-border user experience.


honey bud anniversary in October of this year, honey bud after the completion of the D round of financing for the first large-scale activities, the optimization of its sales experience to take shape. Nearly 2 million single goods are completed in the delivery of goods within the next 7 days, of which the delivery process is more complex cross-border goods accounted for more than 60% of the whole. To support the honey bud anniversary, Ningbo and Chongqing customs all night overtime: the Chongqing customs has opened Xiyong 7*24 hours without rest, to ensure that the parcel inspection at any time from the Chongqing post; EMS provisional call 1000 outsourcing staff with the big promotion, to achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted receipt.

not only that, honey bud through its own R & D system and the customs system docking model, the whole system to monitor the order flow, ensure smooth flow of order information. At the same time optimize the storage process, reduce the shelf cycle. Ningbo bonded warehouse, for example, from Japan warehouse loading and loading containers, and then sent to the shipping company to Ningbo port, takes two or three days. Customs declaration by a number of customs clearance, customs inspection, commodity inspection, customs system shelves, and finally to the honey bud >