Clever use of operational design so that users do not hesitate to buy buy buy

With the rapid development of the electricity supplier

, double eleven transaction volume rising year after year. Whether or not you are shopping needs, but in all kinds of news media, the surrounding friends, all kinds of promotional messages such as electric bombing, in the "double eleven" before you might have been hard to put their shopping cart filled with. Even if the "double eleven" before not ready, but in the day in the strong "shopping atmosphere rendering, you always think of a good buy, go to see what is worth buying, may buy a lot of originally thought would buy something. Why consumers in the "double eleven", "black Friday" this so-called shopping day easier to reach a buying behavior? We can from the consumer behavior in "consumer decision-making model" to find the reasons, and from the look which link can affect the user purchase behavior through the operation of the design skills.  

question 1: what is the consumer buying decision process

"consumer decision-making model" there are many, but the most basic rules such as the S-O-R model reveals: consumers in the internal and external factors to stimulate, to produce a series of psychological decision-making activities, make a purchase decision and purchase behavior.


this model simply reveals the user to create the basic principles of purchasing behavior, but the problem is:

what factors can stimulate consumers

consumers and what are the main psychological activities?

stimulation factors can be understood as "can cause consumers to purchase demand or motivation" factors, combined with the study of scholars and their own experience, these factors are summarized as follows:

1, the product itself, such as product features, performance, appearance, quality and other aspects of the appeal;

2, merchants and marketing incentives, such as business brand and reputation, price discounts, promotional activities, etc.;

3, changes in the consumer’s personal circumstances, such as illness, marriage, children, and other stages of life;

4, social and cultural atmosphere, such as fashion trends, holiday gifts, social hot spots, etc.;

5, changes in the natural environment, such as heat, cold, rain, etc..

the above factors will stimulate consumers to produce "shopping needs or motives", and produce a series of psychological activities to consider what to buy goods. This process will be affected by the consumer’s cultural, cognitive, economic and other personal attributes. These psychological activities can be divided into the following stages:


understand the basic model of consumer purchase decision, we return to beginning of the question: "why consumers in the" double eleven "," black Friday "this so-called shopping day easier to reach a buying behavior?" is the main reason.