Reading entrepreneurial ideas into 10 Rules for business model



I’m writing this article is to summarize some can improve the success rate and profit rate of the industry rules for startups.

as an observation, attention Internet start-up companies have been ten years, and have a profitable ventures programmer, I must emphasize the following is not the whole industry rules, do not necessarily apply to all people.

The content of

can help you to get some money for a start-up company, in order to start a large-scale and high risk project. Don’t try to be a fat man, Reddit and Facebook, a company that is already industry rules, is not what you want to do, you can do it.

rules 1: commercial

sounds a bit of a waste of time, because it’s not everyone who can make money by using traffic.

What must you sell

, otherwise the project will just project, and non profitable products, you might think that the Internet industry has so many VCs attention, a project can bring a lot of money for you, so do not need to pay attention to the profit point.

I do know so many people that I’ve never sold anything to live in advertising and marketing. But this is only limited to the developed countries and regions, and the investment is only a handful of the rest of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, think of other parts of the Internet industry situation (Translator: for example China), you can understand why I say so. Unless you start with a large amount of money, the first thing you have to think about is how to make a profit.

rules 2: create a customer can be used directly or indirectly profitable products

this is an extension of rule 1. How do customers profit from your product in two main ways:

become your product distributor

is a beneficiary of your product (for example, when your product is a web design tool or a SEO analysis tool, or can replace some unnecessary labor)

The rules of

3: to enhance the user experience and the degree of adhesion of

Hacker News there are many people put their ideas on the search for identification, many of which are considered to be a good idea, but it is not enough. A really good idea is this: the idea into a product into the market, the user can not get out once used.

how to do this?

according to the demand for design patterns, what products can solve or alleviate their problems, make life easier for customers to design, what products, and make products become indispensable products after the original customer leave issues will return or new problems.

rule 4: