From the rise of the United States electricity supplier on the same day thought

did not write articles for a long time, but when I saw this today, the rise of the U.S. electricity supplier, the day served: facing the cost problem, the report, could not help but want to talk about some of their own views.

a day of service is a good wish

we may all know that Taobao’s 2012 double eleven transactions reached $19 billion 100 million. There are reports that business operators are talking about twelve in transactions. Double the estimated eleven of the huge amount of e-commerce transactions. So, in the competition of e-commerce so excited today, it depends on a few days to support our shop?.

what’s the best way to do it? In fact, there are a lot of ways, when you open the mind will be completely different. Like the day we talked about today. Now, for example, I bought a coat in a Taobao store. In general, the fastest will be the next day to receive the product. Under normal circumstances, we are doing so.

, however, the competition is getting more and more e-commerce. How people do, I also how to engage in this model, the homogenization of the competition model has become increasingly difficult. At this time, if there is a shop that he can do the same day, single day to arrive, then, and suddenly came out of alienation. However, in fact, the day is just a good wish, not every shop can do. Let’s talk further about the problem.

two, not every shop can achieve the same day served


put forward this problem? We think, to achieve the same day delivery need what conditions? First of all, each city will be basically, with a distribution point, each distribution point according to the local traffic, equipped with adequate sorting and distribution. This is a huge expense for an enterprise.


for listed companies, with such a large team, is a piece of cake. But for small and medium enterprises, if equipped with such a team, if the company is a city, the localization operation, it can also, if it is nationwide, so it might not be long before, the company will drag down.

three, the day of success

in fact, to tell the truth, in fact, is not the day to reach the United States patent, on our side has also been a day to reach a successful case. Although this model has not yet formed a large-scale development.

this is the case of fast bag. Why he can start? Why is the use of a different day arrival. You can take a look at the slogan of the fast bag: free shipping, 1 hours arrival". Look, how attractive. In other places may also be able to receive the goods for a long time, whether the mail and tangled. But he clearly tell you that our free shipping, and we can be in 1 hours.

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