Taobao guest is not particularly difficult to do

just started to contact the Taobao customer feel Taobao is a guest to diving technique. Every day hundreds of dozens of people watching the income, he wanted to give up a job in this industry, but I know it takes time. Do not learn and sum up you are unable to reach the dream at night and think of the height. After I made up my mind, I collected and read some skills, methods and experiences on the Internet forum. In fact, nothing, it is important that you insist on not.

1 Taobao customers. I think there should be a space and domain name, blog is good but fly high, fall to death. Maybe someday your blog will be blocked.

2 Kung Fu or find a network company to give you and others do not like the Taobao shopping guide website, do not be stereotyped online, the benefits of not much to say.

3 to choose a no one to promote but a large number of search keywords as the title. A long time you will find very much the same.

4 if you want to go to the promotion of a product that you do not have to update the original every day, but if you want to do keywords ranking, it is impossible to original.

5 people on the web will often browse the site type, blog, forum, SNS dating and a series of websites. Don’t be idle. Leave your mark. A little effort and money are equal.

6 links is to ensure that you update your site every day a small entrance.

7 more than 6 repeat every day.

In fact, Taobao

customers do the main promotion on a few points, no major. The most important thing is not in your operation and learning, but in the long stick to you, not one built into the the Great Wall. It is a hard brick.

I also adhere to their own promotion, the station, Doug C Taobao shopping network

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