The most important thing to do is to quit the urgent need to talk about the 20 principles of Taobao

do not know if you have this experience, if you do a Taobao off, see people’s site included so much, the day turnover so high. Anxious and what like, and panic, copy an article into their own link everywhere on the hair, wait a second send it 100. In fact, it would be better to calm down a day to write a good original, published 3 blog every day. Do not believe you try.

in short, the mentality must be stable. See your site record, at this time is not the mentality rather relax, whether text or looking for information, not a bit anxious, right! Do the following 20 principles, you will be immortal.

1 shop page to do.

2 to go to community learning experience.

3 want to often online


4 often forum post and reply to other people’s posts, so that the urgent need of people.

5 to highlight the characteristics of their own baby.

6 to determine the stability of the purchase channels.

7 takes advantage of Taobao’s resources.

8 with a positive attitude to face our achievements and problems.

9 deal with baby pictures.

10 detailed product description.

11 to observe and analyze the relationship between the shelf time and the amount of browsing.

12 do your own map.

13 familiar with Taobao.

14 want to do, learn to use.

15 clear store location.

16 do not sum up the sales experience and find their own problems.

17 very good understanding of their goods information.

18 replacement with seasonal replacement.

19 note baby keywords.

20 people think it is also the most important point, perseverance, quit urgent impatient!

said so much, in fact, is nothing more than a few. Confidence, patience, perseverance, determination. Step by step, solid, do not easily believe that the Internet called SEO, a day to send you a few original article, plus dozens of links, a month after waiting for Baidu ranking promotion, giving the impression that money seems to like Everfount every day. In fact, a considerable part of the software used to send you to send the chain, not only did not effect, but it will bring harm to your site. Baidu and Taobao was tight, don’t adding the trimmings. One day 10 forum do better than group 1000, multi effect forum. This article from the entertainment aunt reprint please note >