Entrepreneurs who witnessed the readme pit O2O

this year, don’t talk about WeChat, millet, wearable, O2O, the ultimate single product, the product is king, free economic concepts will be despised without thinking of the Internet, haha. At the end of last year to participate in the annual meeting of the titanium media, simple exchange of entrepreneurial direction into account, after a period of time, do not know, do we know, the conclusion is "pit a lot, and some pits are unavoidable". From the beginning of this article to write O2O, will gradually in-depth, along with our own practice, record the harvest of our practice.

Online To Offline, the line is a traditional business, to can be Online to Offline, is the line to line, it is the integration of online and offline; so said O2O is a combination of Internet and traditional industries, there is no doubt that this is the biggest trends in the next ten years, is that dividend and outlet.

1, left.

left is conservative, which rely heavily on traditional resources, traditional resources feel better, can form the threshold and unique advantages, many flags do O2O are known to have many offline resources, backed by big backer. On this issue to be treated, depending on the breadth and depth of the industry’s Know-how, will not form a threshold.

For example,

of group purchase and ordering industry, the integration of information resources, then said he has a number of restaurants is of little value, its restaurant can do is online meal ordering. But for decoration, real estate, packaging and printing, education, intelligent hardware and other fields, the formation of the industry for many years to form a highly vertical and in-depth, at this time with a certain amount of traditional resources is very valuable. The left problems is unable to make a clean, to look at the traditional industry with a new perspective and thinking; at the same time, because the left leaning management team tied the hands and feet, the concept of collision caused the tragedy meet the eye everywhere.

2, right into.

is extremely aggressive, like Internet thinking to solve everything, the Internet infinite great, just waiting to take over all industries. Compared with the internet light operation, traditional industries are hard, tall on the Internet Co difficult landing to perform, imagine, if the adjustment under the rule of the search engine, designed several sets of expressions can bring huge benefits, who would be willing to change tooling, in the decoration site, perspiration comes down like raindrops, printing workshop, production factory the classroom. Step back, even if the strategy is determined to enter, it is difficult to have this gene to perform (on the "gene", in the subsequent no joke will write special paper). Recently encountered a number of IT or internet friends, there is the impulse to do O2O, but they can not get into the heart of the dirty hands, ha ha.

3, tools, not thinking.

in the industry under the condition of anxiety, a lot of O2O stay in the Internet as a tool from micro-blog to WeChat marketing level, the public number, from the PC site to the mobile phone micro station, from Taobao to WeChat mall, shop >

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