Brief introduction of several pay advertising alliance

today is April Fool’s day, I hope you will be a fool. Today, we talk about a stage of the end of the course, that is, pay day alliance. There are the following:

1.SP advertising alliance.

The real starting point of

on payment of union, is launched by the SP advertising alliance, because the SP, your income is very high, the day is hundreds of thousands of yuan income, if his monthly income to the union boss to keep, so few people believe that the credibility of each other, so some later in order to attract the attention of everyone in the league, launched a paid advertising alliance, is the SP advertising alliance.

2 conversion advertising alliance on income paid.

for example, I now have a website that can earn $10 a day, that is, the income of 70 yuan a day, if I get the money, then it takes a month. Then I take a way that I think the station I sell, the price is 2100 yuan, it is equivalent to this month I earn advertising fees in advance, because the network’s success can be replicated, so I’ll have to copy out of a station, you put the ad and do it again, continue to sell. This way you get paid form of advertising to pay day, and their income increased more than 30 times.

3 product promotion.

do our own products, or do product agents, it is also able to achieve high profits, high returns, and the key is also cash income.

so the key to see what you do, some friends said the terminal is important, but you do not flow is not enough, it was said that traffic is important, but you do not have a good product and the terminal is not. We should practice more to see.

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