Detailed classification website profit pattern

                how profitable is the website? How many good ways to make money? What if I want to run a website and how to find a profit? What kind of Web site is suitable for me? I believe this problem is one of many website operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you. Profit model
A: online advertising website
emerging online short video website, through the video load before and after waiting time play advertisers online advertising. Typical example:
three website: Sales of products through the website of
typical example: Taobao (, eBay ( C2C online auction, a commission from the successful transaction.
Excellence (, Dangdang (, B2C flowers usually B2C online retail is about two kinds of operation methods, one is your own products, sales through the Internet; another is to build.

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