Lu Songsong with other advertising alliance to raise revenue

in previous articles Lu Songsong introduced a relatively high visibility, suitable for small and medium-sized owners to make money advertising alliance, Google AdSense, Baidu and Ali mother advertising alliance, is the role of connecting advertisers and site owners through the network platform, service for both the matchmaking, earn their profits at the same time, it is an advertising agency. Today, the introduction of the use of other advertising alliance to increase revenue, try some new alliances.


(Note: Adsense choose advertising alliance main consideration factor)

Classification of

advertising alliance

1: search engine companies to set up the advertising alliance: good reputation, emphasis on using search matching technology to provide CPC ads, typically Google AdSense, Baidu search alliance, and alliance, Youdao alliance etc..

2: e-commerce companies to set up the advertising alliance: this alliance credibility is relatively good, on the promotion of their products CPA advertising, such as Lu Songsong wrote the Ali Mama Taobao customers, Dangdang alliance, alliance, alliance Amazon vancl.

3: medium sized professional advertising alliance: the establishment of a long time specialized advertising network alliance business advertising products, more emphasis on CPA advertising, such as Tai Chi circle, tries to Yiqifa alliance, etc..

The status quo of

advertising alliance

Set the threshold

advertising alliance is not high, the network of small and medium-sized advertising alliance a lot, some of which are individual run, in quality, reputation, technical level is uneven, and the small advertising alliance with most frauds, absconding, deduction amount, close together, so I hope the majority of owners in the choice of advertising the alliance must be cautious.

to take the initiative to find you the small ads advertising alliance must be more careful, you can go online to search their evaluation, if you feel good, the strength is not strong, the credibility of products affect the user experience, do not have to spend energy to try.

increase revenue with other advertising alliance

if you have Google AdSense was because of cheating in the title, you can choose other league start, but attention must not cheat.

according to the theme of the site as well as the type of browser, you can choose the right advertising alliance, there may be a higher income than AdSense.

can be placed in the side of the page to add some other alliance advertising as a supplement, or put in the picture on the picture to increase advertising revenue, is a good choice.

advertising alliance is still the main source of income of small Adsense

Lu Songsong wrote in the article before the case sharing site common SEO money model, a text describes the common form of alliance advertising, the

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