dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial six

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still hope to see this article first before the article see: "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road series", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial two", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial three". "Idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial four", "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial five"

this chapter discusses the placement techniques of network advertisement related web design, a pretty reasonable advertisement can bring a lot of advertising revenue, an inferior advertisement not only no click, let visitors in aversion website. Therefore, in the process of web design must fully consider the placement of online advertising. Whether you are doing a regular station or garbage station, this is very important, there is no traffic point of your advertising is equal to white.

1: home advertising, so that users are attracted by the page we design.

for the individual / small website, home advertising do not, put 1-3 advertising on it, the reason is a small part of the majority of users can only browse the web, and will quickly lock their target. If the user is interested in your site, they are willing to pull the page to the bottom.

2: column page and content page advertising, the Internet industry has its advertising standards.

column and the article page is generally a list of all articles related to the place, this page is very important, generally can place a lot of advertising.

3: in the navigation bar, the search box to put text ads

navigation bar, near the search box is the habit of visitors will be noted, and the residence time will be relatively long area, so we can see most of the sites will be put in text ads.

4: the top of the page and the left side of the ad to attract eyeballs.

for the user to open your web page first Yingru eye is the top of the page and the left part, and all kinds of data and studies have also proved this point. Of course, users will only notice these ads, this does not mean that they will click on the ads with the mouse. So don’t sacrifice the original website design to improve the attention of the advertisement.

5: people read the text ads are most attentive.

text ads in web design can be integrated with other content, so there are a lot of Web sites will be the text of the article into the first paragraph of the page or the last paragraph. This allows the site to reduce the visual stimulation of the user.

6: do not fill the gaps in the site with advertising.

many websites in order to keep the "sidebar set aside part of neutral, so there are a lot of people will put the entire page jam packed. Not appropriate blank by a visual suppression of readers, so don’t take advice "every place to place ads.


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