Gong Haiyan poubai Entrepreneurial bottleneck put down is not forcing investors

yesterday more than six points from Jiayuan co-CEO news release, will continue to receive colleagues, friends and media phone, Lenovo and many kinds of misreading. I would like to take this blog as a guide and explain some of my ideas.

is the first I resign, rather than forcing investors. As the founder of the company, and known as "the first network matchmaker", if not my own, no one will ask even suggested that I left. My investors can say a few degrees to retain me, but ultimately respect my own decision. Here I also want to thank the investor Yu Fuping, Qian Yongqiang, Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang, Gan Jianping and Mr. Qiming, thanks to their years of my support and trust, thank them for their generous donations, the achievements of my first venture.

and I and the new CEO Wu Linguang, more than 9 months in the process of cooperation, has been very happy to get along. In the male comrades, in private is a good friend, I have known him for more than seven years, we in addition to exchange Jiayuan’s business, can communicate how to teach their children how to finance and investment. He is very smart, very dedicated, and energy is particularly abundant, I also observed for so long, feel relieved, just let go. Because I have done more than nine years, despite the honor and success harvest sense not to say, all the belongings, still Jiayuan now shares, is also full of paper wealth, even if you want to cash, also depends on the occupation managers efforts possible, I put down, entrusted to him, which is a heavy trust. If I think this person is very poor, we will ask the board to re recruit until we find a person who can identify with.

in this special thanks Jiayuan colleagues, wisdom and sweat of your success, legend, my honor cannot do without your dedication, I hope you and your family healthy and happy


for me, working in the century nine years my children leave no stone unturned, three days ago is still on the job, after caesarean section and went back to work for 12 days, once every more than and 10 hours (overnight but rarely), tired is second, I have a habit of long-term high intensity and long time work, but in 9 years I thought I had succeeded in creating emerge in an endless stream, including the mass line blind date, according to the effect of toll revenue model, and TV programs of cooperation.

but then one day I realized that I had been missing a good idea for some time and it was hard to break through. Because I like life full of passion and creativity. Love to play with blood like adventure and excitement, I do not know the future, I hate the most is mediocrity and inaction.

I feel in Jiayuan has been difficult to break through the self, from a completely do not understand the Internet arts girls to frontpage founded Jiayuan first edition, and become Chinese only listed dating sites in seven and a half years later, become the industry leader in the field of marriage, friends, I have done.

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