Gaoliangjiu operation method of secret registered Wangzhuan on-line

To see a boy in A5

before, because do not understand technology, there is no way in A5 with the task to make money, so I chose to do some "registered Wangzhuan" in a variety of Witkey website, in short, is to complete the registration issued in Witkey task, and then obtain the corresponding task commission. Through the tireless hard to register, income up to 100 yuan every day. Its efforts to be sure. However, the boy never thought that they can no longer is not hard to do the task, and the task to do so, he was in fact a study on employers? Simply will find it too easy. No technical threshold. The next highlight for a long time to give you a secret, these employers are how to operate. This means that you can also release a task for others to work for you.

began to explain before, I want to say is, I am very disgusted with the word "Wangzhuan", because the word has more and more "liar" "cheating" "MLM" bad properties associated, it is true that there are some normal operating method is worthy of recognition, but less and less. Online registration website belongs to "cheating" category, there is no doubt that it can make you money, but not glorious. It is for this reason that I have decided to put these people to the operation of the open, if you can learn, then do their competitors. OK, now get the better pig Witkey network currently in our country as an example, we open the pig site, in the "promotion" under this section, the "registered Wangzhuan" small category, we can see that many of the tasks are basically completed the registration task can get how many yuan the Commission, the average price of the basic unit of 1 yuan to 5 yuan, if the patient should be able to do good.

just point to open a task content page, the title is "a large number of registered tasks, 1 yuan a release easily earn good", in the task requirements, this task requires participants to open the tutorial address, registered according to the tutorial. In fact, this tutorial is a sina blog. All right, let’s start this tutorial blog. As shown below, we find that the tutorial is a list of tasks.


point of "Le Chi small world registration task guide," we see as shown below, this is the so-called tutorial, in fact, just tell you where to register, how to register, what matters.


highlight the long opening the "involved in the task", and all the The case is entirely cleared.

can insert some advertisements? Advertising comes right back. Oh, and we joke. Then we can see the so-called registered Wangzhuan what is going on. Click to participate in this task, we did see a row of advertising articles, including the book referred to in the book of the music world, when we move the mouse to the ad bar, all the truth

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