Personal business model to grasp the inevitable law that is the shortcut to success

why do people pay attention to the history, research history, investigation, discover and master the internal rules is the main, because only understand these rules, the person is more efficient. Many young people want to learn to do business, must listen to others said, want to do business, to do this business for several years, familiar with, learn from experience. In fact, the experience is a very general term, we have to grasp the fact that a business model can be applied to its own business model.

e-commerce, network marketing, or offline sales, business model is nothing more than the following 7:

1, the core resources: owned resources, can be a relationship, channels, notes, etc.;

2, key business: what do you do?

3, customer base: who’s making money?

4, value services: what value do you give to your customers, make them recognize you, trust you, rely on you?

5, an important cooperation: to complete this business, the need to help people who can be internal management, friends of funding, or channels of cooperation, etc.;

6, revenue: what did you earn? Accounting for ROI, confirming efficiency and method;

7, cost structure: what has been spent on accounting ROI, validation of efficiency and method of


more than seven really just business model? NONO, if applied to ourselves, to our occupation development plan Dudangyimian or reinvent the wheel and so on, will be a great help, do not believe that you look down?.

1, core resources: who am I? What do I have now? You can go to the competition, you can go to profit resources;

2, key business: what do I want to do? It depends on its core resources;

3, the customer base: who can I help to pay for the benefit of a group of interest to your company, customers are;

4, value services: how can I help them? Let them know you, trust you, trust you,

5, important cooperation: who can help me? Your boss, your team, your channel, etc.;

6, revenue sources: what do I get? Accounting effort, effort and time, and harvest, confirm efficiency and method

7, cost structure: what do I need to pay, accounting effort, effort and time, and harvest, to confirm the efficiency and method of

got the 7 points, working backwards, you will feel every day the muddle along without any aim, no significant labor? Will feel full of doing something trivial and irrelevant thing?

often experience a year’s work for someone else

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