Cai Chongxin asked Ma Yun if he could start a business. He almost jumped into West Lake

last night, Cai Chongxin, vice chairman of Alibaba group for the first time in front of the media. He is called the man behind Ma Yun, and listen to Cai Chongxin himself said that he and the story of Ma Yun.

Cai Chongxin: I remember 15 years ago when I was working in Hongkong, my friend in Taiwan wanted to introduce me to Ma Yun. My friend is to do IT company, want to sell the company to Alibaba, let me go to Hangzhou to see ma. I said yes, but who is Ma


at that time, the Alibaba has not formally set up a company. The first time I saw MA in Hangzhou, the second time I took my pregnant wife to go boating in West Lake, I think it is necessary to join the Alibaba.

I went to the lake garden to see the entrepreneurial team, found the atmosphere is very good, Ma as a leader has a lot of people follow him. I asked if I could join them and start a business with them. He listened and almost jumped into West Lake.

so I became a member of the Alibaba, working in the company, we each round of financing, legal, financial things are done by me, Ma, I trust, trust him a lot he had never seen a person, this is his kindness, he is willing to put a lot of things turn out. The biggest bottleneck of start-up companies comes from people. Ma and the management team every year is to attract the outside talent, which is something I am very pleased.

below is Cai Chongxin tonight at the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou.

in the IM field, Ali’s anxiety is what


Cai Chongxin: in fact, there are a lot of people to do communications, we are still in the field of electricity providers Focus, we are trading in the mobile terminal so that I am surprised, today, the proportion of wireless transactions has more than 40%. Investors support entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. I talked to a (Communications) investor, he ran to Hangzhou, we support entrepreneurs dream. Moderator: wireless transaction volume has exceeded 20 billion yuan.


you are called ma behind the man, how do you see the ecological layout of Ali’s investment logic is what to buy what kind of company?

Cai Chongxin: Ma’s success is the success of Alibaba, behind a lot of men and women. Success belongs to the company, we work together. Alibaba partner group has 30 people, very unified management, no one said that because of personal reasons (only successful). The acquisition of the investment logic, is not convenient to say in the field of investment, logic is the first, to the user and user stickiness, we will increase investment to us, such as the recent acquisition of UC, the largest mobile Browse Companies, has more than 200 million monthly active users. Second, investment to increase the user’s shopping experience, such as we do with goodaymart joint venture company, they will be all electric logistics assets into the joint venture, we are not only the electric delivery time is guaranteed, but also installed, will call the user >

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