Received mail GG account was closed

today has two news is a good news is a bad news (bad news is I lost some good news is also not the cow dung)

is a good news article yesterday on China trademark registration center Baidu search ranking fluctuation observation notes were collected and reproduced and woke up today found the search trademark registration website snapshot already in the home page may be due to reasons of anti chain to increase that the recent fluctuations can still be seen as Baidu to increase the weight of station at observe the judge, first and then observed for two days to see if it is also returned to the final conclusion summarize various factors. In fact, the search engine included the amount of the rankings did not affect my observation of several stations hardly what shit included is the chain powerful you the chain and related to the OK website but after all not to enrich the contents of the search engines to see the increase included can bring and keep visitors

a bad news is to do the brush flow test when the GG code to forget to take off a long time ago just registered because of the curious brush once had been warned to record

so this is directly away. According to the time and at the time of the page and click access to the IP view there are so few points is very easy to be GG anti cheat 1 unnatural click tracking algorithm to detect the antecedents of defective 2 set the target page is absolutely not abnormal time usually access dynamic website history in 3 and 4 did not click up…

even if the number of hits (I was at that time seems to be only about twenty or so) no matter how smart your tools bring more realistic IP, to GG strong or will be found.

whether it is not careful or lucky to cherish their own GG account or

Be careful

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