Analysis of Wangzhuan novice reading class click Wangzhuan

As a webmaster

profit model how many people envy, Chinaz million worth of shows his personal charm, but also obviously difficult, writing the program website is a problem, not everyone can do that, the entire station program really suitable for individual owners, at present in the China popular with the entire station program how many people really disappointed, ranking the station program is to write out. Promotion is also a problem, with the large search engine included in the algorithm update, included strict, SEO makes ordinary Internet users flinch.

but some Wangzhuan only need to blog, self-help website, you will even just use the computer on it; today I of ordinary Internet users of Wangzhuan say about their personal opinions.

first lesson: Click class.

this is a class of users click Wangzhuan advertising on the site, click on a money. This kind of Wangzhuan site exists for the purpose is to give some website promotion and flow, IP. No matter how these clicks on the promotion site is the real traffic, is to get the recognition of the search engine. This relatively simple form of Wangzhuan most Internet users. Spend a few minutes each day to complete the task.

but there are too many cheaters. To give you an example: the construction of a web site I started, I put on the site of four ads 4-10 ads, these ads can come to my advertisers, or even false advertising can be. Every one of the advertisers to get $0.01 a day, you can point to four ads, I paid you $10, off the line Commission of $50%. If you pay $50 to me, one of your clicks will be $0.02, and you will be paid a total of 100% 5-10 points per day. Let’s count, a person does not have to get $10 off the assembly line to take 8 months during which the user will not stop everywhere advertising to users and the development of the assembly line, my traffic increases rapidly, the amount of time the user for several months, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of millions to. In general, not 5 months, 3 months time, the site of the PR value will reach more than 3, the Alexa website ranking less than 50 thousand no problem, such sites in the United States generally can sell 5000 dollars, I put the domain name together with space to sell, so did not spend a penny domain fried up. If some fool to pay a $50 upgrade account I earn more. Buy a new site on the general webmaster rely on other stations to do this, of course, will not give you money. Some owners waiting for the rankings to meet their own requirements, and then change to do other stations, the original user certainly can not receive money.

of course is not to cheat, the real click station is not in the minority, that beginner do some years of credit station, will generally receive the money, this kind of Wangzhuan famous name is Neobux, this is a real company engaged in paid clicks, has been in Chinese years of history, the company good business is trustworthy, the novice must do, click on the other class of almost all.

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