Search advertising is still preferred Adsense

the latest news, by the community service platform and leading providers Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch consulting (iResearch) jointly launched the "2008 fourth survey" development status of Chinese network community activities in 10 days after the end of last month, the official report will be released in late October.

survey data show that search advertising is the community in the webmaster tend to put the highest proportion of its Web site category, the proportion of up to 67.6%, followed by community marketing advertising, the use of the proportion reached 37.8%. This shows that the traditional operators of community wide acceptance is not high, more likely to have a negative impact on the community’s user experience, such as the search and word of mouth advertising.

at the same time, select the proportion of CPA, CPS community webmaster alliance advertising effect is greatly improved, increased from 15.1% to 07 years 08 years 24.5%, as indicated in the advertisement advertisers pay more attention to the advertising effect, but also promote the community to increase efforts in the aspects of the selection of the webmaster.


China Network Community Adsense type selection

the survey found that often used in the webmaster of the third party advertising agent or advertisement alliance brand, Google Adsense with the highest proportion, 68.4% of the owners to use Google Adsense, followed by Ali Mama, the proportion is 65.2%. Baidu Union also accounted for 38.5%. It is worth noting that, in the top three party advertising agency or advertising alliance brand, search engine advertising alliance accounted for 23 of the total number of.


webmaster often use third party advertising agency or advertising alliance brand

it is understood that this investigation is based on the third session of 2007, joined a large number of users and the size of the scale of the community to conduct a survey, the analysis will be more comprehensive and instructive.

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