Tell you what is the real online advertising

network advertising refers to the use of professional advertising banners, text links, multimedia methods, published in the Internet or advertising, through the network to the Internet users of a high-tech advertising operation. Popular speaking, online advertising refers to advertisers to use some of the audience dense or characteristic of the site to display business information, and set up a link to a web page.

At the end of the

90, the development of information industry (IT) greatly changed people’s life, but also had a profound impact on the traditional advertising media. With the rapid development of the information industry, Internet (Internet Advertising) as the medium of communication has become the most popular form of advertising in the developed countries of Europe and america. At present, China’s advertising companies and merchants also began to get involved in the new network advertising space. This makes the advertising companies and marketing companies are faced with the pressure and opportunity to change the marketing communication methods and media selection.    

Three media (

and traditional newspapers and magazines, TV, radio and outdoor advertising and advertising) compared to the popular recently, Internet advertising is richly endowed by nature advantages, is an important part of the implementation of the marketing strategy of modern media. Internet is a brand new advertising media, the fastest speed, the effect is very good, for a wide range of international business companies do.    

online advertising market is growing at an alarming rate, the effectiveness of online advertising is becoming more and more important. That the advertising industry even believe that the Internet will overtake the signs as the three traditional media (television, radio, newspapers and magazines) the fourth largest media. As a result, a large number of well-known enterprises have quickly put the focus of advertising on the Internet, through network marketing, in order to strive for higher market share.

can be said that online advertising, whether in foreign countries or in China, is a booming industry, relying on the network to rely on the development of online advertising is an irresistible trend. The Internet has been hailed as the fourth media after the newspaper, radio, television, with its rapid and efficient advantages of information transmission to a new realm. At the same time, it also creates unprecedented opportunities for enterprises. Major companies need to promote their products to consumers, so that consumers agree and buy. Advertising plays a more and more important role in building brand awareness and influencing consumers to make purchase decisions. The maturity and development of the Internet has provided a powerful and influential carrier for the whole world. It is beyond the geographical boundaries, and the limit of time and space, make the brand globalization of goods.

currently online advertising mainly in the following forms

1, web advertising (including Banner, Button, banner, huge vertical edges, etc.)

web advertising is based on GIF, JPG, Flash and other formats to create image files, positioning in the web pages are mostly used to display advertising content, but also the use of Java language

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