The story of automatic money machine

preface often see earn machine day earn 500, earn money machine day earn 1000 of spam. To earn 500 per day in January is calculated to be $15000. If you can really earn 500 of the day, then why the advertising. It is often seen that these people have been deceived, I feel sad, but cheated the money donated to children in poor mountainous areas. In a word, we believe you earn 500, to buy he bought you something he really earned 500.

wrote this article is how to treat the money machine automatically bear strong story, we can put this article as a business story, hope can give you an idea of thinking and not the same.

what is an automatic money making machine when you sleep, you don’t have to think about it, and then you wake up and count the money. You can usually be very happy to play very happy, but you can still play when you can get the money, which is what we often say that the automatic money machine. From my point of view, a few years ago, the reality of investment in real estate, a good domain name on the network investment.

is undoubtedly an automatic money machine. I live here in the downtown area of a facade, a few years ago, the price is also hundreds of thousands of years, but also a few hundred dollars a year rent. As for the domain name, a good domain name, every day is a natural IP. Including some easy to lose the domain name, etc..

or you have a lot of money, you lend money to people to use your interest, so I feel is also a kind of money machine. This is the emergence of another industry – usury. At the same time, there are many people borrow money to lend. These are the stories that happened around me, some just lost hundreds of thousands, and some can not make up for the loss of tens of millions. Said to be called a good financing, said a bad name is illegal fund-raising.

Ma Yun has Ali department, is also an automatic money machine, Ma Yun do not understand the technology, he can ask people to help him get things in terms of technology. Ma Yun do not know how to manage, he can still ask professional managers team. Ma can retire, but his business can still make money for him, this is not a money machine.

automatic money machine to obtain and maintain on the automatic money making machine, how to get such a machine, you and I are interested in the topic. If you have a lot of money, you can buy a profitable company with a high amount of money, but how much is it?. I’ll tell you, not low.

you talk about our own to create an automatic money machine, I heard the story, there are many in the hospital, in schools, in similar institutions have a stable job. In order to give yourself more income, where to open a shop, and then hire someone to help take care of, so as to improve their income.

is said to be a number of automatic money machine to get the method, adding that the automatic money machine maintenance. Although the automatic money machine