With Kaka to find other people’s means of making money

  I turn my head every day! Because whether it is watching TV, or in the toilet, or see the NetEase news, I have to take these things and Wangzhuan together. As I love English as a few years ago, I sleep every day talk is in English, I was not mad ah, ha ha. The next idea is that 9 Kaka in browsing the news found NetEase, QQ is indeed a troublesome thing, disturb you a lot of time. So I can not always open after QQ. Also affect the speed of the computer, every morning to get up to look at the news, to the NetEase to see, by the way to see the hottest news. Is that a few NetEase see the news headlines, several why, because there are several hundreds of thousands of millions of people watching this news every day, then what can I do? Because the bottom of each of the 163 news is linked to the GG ad, where I am interested in advertising! Because there are always some experts will show where the ad, 163 of the conversion rate is good advertising, where the Internet users will think

NetEase is yourself, so a relatively high degree of trust, the news is.


    may stage here that advertisement is not shown, because you see my article published in the 9KAKA, that is just what happened, so you are going to see is it possible to see,

found in NetEase news in new, oh!!!

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Here is a screenshot of


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