Your charm will never become obsolete as long as we can make money

today fly fly recently due to talk about Wangzhuan part-time network give some enlightenment to me, so I want to talk to you about the topic of wangzhuan.

09 years after the years, I have not been able to find suitable work I accidentally entered the Wangzhuan circle, and then began the exploration and development of Wangzhuan, here don’t dwell on the past before, the previous article had nearly had a detailed record of the words of my Wangzhuan experience, interested friends you can look at my space to see.

I am originally from make Wangzhuan then do today in SEO, the operation of the site, in fact, in my opinion, Wangzhuan and SEO are complementary to each other, is to make money through the network, and SEO is a progressive Wangzhuan, at least to me is like this, so I write a blog is SEO and Wangzhuan write together.


first engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, looking at some cattle station do good, I also followed a Wangzhuan station is today, fly part-time nets, this is my first stop, then the key is to do the questionnaire, by the development of offline like (this kind of Wangzhuan is offline the fundamental survival, otherwise it is difficult to make money), and then through the website selling marketing software member, then a stage is made of HYIP investment projects abroad, the intention to do little about half the time, count down, do I make this station to have tens of thousands of dollars, in the process of the operation the site slowly came into contact with SEO, when SEO started up after routine general understanding of Taobao customers, specifically on the SEO website Taobao keyword optimization means, guest can also do. If from the large scale, I have been engaged in this business but I watch online, I think I only do SEO now, the questionnaire, the previous HYIP investment, selling software, and Taobao stores are not made, concentrate on the website, SEO, so the earliest the Wangzhuan station almost slowly to waste, but it still did not give up, do every day is to update a few articles, as of today the site has been operating in two years and three months time, up to tens of thousands of website updates.

in the last month, it introduces a website from advertisers, to advertise on my website, with less than five minutes about a month 200. A little surprised me, a half dying Wangzhuan station seems to revive, and began to give me money. What I did not expect that after less than a week, another to advertise to find me, let me earn 200 yuan, God is more in the last night at 10, even third advertisers again through the network linked to fly me to advertising, it is 200. In this way, I would like to give up the site began to make money.

website to make money is not what strange, the fundamental purpose of our website is to make money. But you know, a website to make money fast is not so easy, especially now the most competitive Wangzhuan station, is to engage in wangzhuan. Before, fly it once brilliant, then is to do HYIP investment, then I >

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