On the profit model of education and Training Websites

in China with the growing popularity of the network education and training websites also have a very big market, China’s large and small test including qualification examination such as too many to count, the computer level examination, judicial examination, CPA examination, certification exam exams such as Cisco exams, so with the development of distance education in our country. How to develop the education and training should go to the website? How to profit model? Here are some of my humble opinion:

1, first of all, we should make our website have the following changes in determining the profit model:

a) to enhance the user experience, the site is the most important user experience, which is to lay a good foundation for website profit. B) do a good job of SEO, traffic is the foundation of a website, we must have traffic to ensure.

C) have a certain understanding for education and training industry, in our country every year what major exam candidates need what kind of things and information, we have to know. We can see that we can understand, this is certainly not a person can be completed, so the need for a team, well, we talk about profit model.

2, a profit model: the development of VIP members, provide excellent teaching materials for users to share, and in addition to VIP members can enjoy the information, should also have excellent free information sharing, it is also a process of training the customer.

3, profit model two: online training and seminars, relying on video and audio, online training and seminars.

4, profit model of the three: the line of lectures and training. This is one of the highest profit, we can sort out the information, contact the teacher, contact the user online training and seminars. Some people in real ricken spend 300, but refused to spend 30, because he feels it is virtual, not true.

5, four profit model: users need data on a CD or printed, online sales.

is more than a little bit younger brother thinking on education and training website profit model, is not very mature, hope a lot.

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