How to make friends application Learning Tinder to attract users in four ways

Tinder has become the world dating application rising star, captured many single men and women love to be.

its function is very simple, the user can log in with the Facebook account after starting the application, browse other people’s information. Each of the possible pairs will be presented in the form of a card, slide to the left to skip, slide to the right means that the object is not bad. If you, then both sides can exchange messages, or even offline activities.

in the United States, Tinder has become a "must have installed the application in App Store in the social network application class 25. Every day, Tinder contributed to the number of pairing up to 1 million 500 thousand times, and more than 50% of users will log on.

Tinder’s success is not only luck, ingenious design based on game mechanism and accurate grasp of user psychology which is the kingly way.

foreign technology website summarizes four ways to attract users Tinder depth:

simple is beautiful

Tinder almost don’t mind what, it will reduce the cognitive load of two yuan to determine: the slide to the left or right (skip) (love) and slide? The traditional dating sites often provide a variety of ways of expression of feelings. For example, OkCupid users can give other ratings of 1-5 stars, send messages or chat. Although multiple choices bring more freedom of expression, it also allows the user to spend as much mental work. "To ta 3 or 4 on good? I ought to send TA information? What should I say to ta?" before taking action, both men and women all over.

and technology consumers are always using a variety of devices, such as watching TV or chatting with friends when playing with the phone. This leads to a reduction in the frequency of use of applications that consume a lot of energy. The Tinder users do not have to spend much thought, so will occasionally come up with a mobile phone to open the application to look at.

is also reduced to manual labor. Users of traditional dating sites must fill in a large amount of information and evaluate some of their own indicators. Once you make a decision must also hand eye coordination mobile mouse on the big screen and click on the link. This may seem trivial, especially for digital natives. But the more experience a service needs to spend, the less likely it will be for users to use it. In order to facilitate the user to operate, Tinder supports users to use a simple sliding operation.

infinite sliding mechanism to stimulate curiosity

Tinder sliding mechanism is not new, Pinterest has set off an endless rolling boom. What makes people so obsessed with it?

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