Have a good idea of Wangzhuan novice is king

I know that now many webmaster hand have several garbage station, these stations are mainly to do flow and then put up some advertising to make money, this is the most primitive method and profit model, but if you are a novice webmaster, actually do flow also is not so easy, the flow of hot words are some of the large comprehensive occupation, and we can also choose some long tail keywords have a choice, but to do or even tens of thousands of IP, and that you will be very tired to Everfount collection of popular content, but if you have a good idea that is not the same, so let me tell you some thinking about the web site:

first: do accurate traffic to sell products

is similar to Taobao, but here to do is the accurate flow, the novice can choose a product and do some long tail keywords, it is relatively easy to make up, I want to sell a product is worth the money you do a lot of traffic. Of course, with the opening of the Taobao alliance visibility, so that people are more and more people off Taobao, the competition is also fierce, but I think it is better than the traditional flow.

second: sell information, use the site to drive Taobao.

for example, many people now on hand there are many tutorials, such as SEO video tutorials, flexible language training course, in fact these you have not thought about buying them to sell it, you can do a fine single page, do some relevant keywords, as long as the key word you can also make up a lot of profit.

third: selling services, need a variety of ways to promote

many owners actually have a lot of resources at hand, such as high PR website, advertising, have good writing skills, will be decorated with Taobao shop, see the service very much I have seen a lot of expert put these humble service sale explosion models, here is suitable for the promotion of the way I feel is Baidu and soso to ask, to answer some of the questions related to advertising, there are some high weights of the classified information website, I do not think to can make a website and then go to the SEO a keyword.

fourth: the ability of the webmaster can do bidding

I said here is Baidu bid, here you or you only need a beautiful web page instantly, agents can a relatively high profits products, or Taobao customers to choose high profit products, then do the bidding. Of course, is not so easy, do this kind of thing to slowly after experiment, experiment click conversion rate, once you hold to the standard when you can sleep.

these are my suggestions for the Wangzhuan, now I think these projects can still be done, of course, a lot of large flow master is doing, I’m just here to offer some ideas, I hope you can help, the fastest method stovepipe http://s. huazhuangpin.5d6d.co>

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