Blue Apron send the ingredients and recipes to your home in a weekly order mode

cooking is a problem: it’s a long process from thinking about what to do, to buying food, to really getting it done. These realities so that the time is not enough food lovers can not help but to kill cooking fun.

today Blue Apron presents a recipe for cooking: Blue Apron, by ordering the order of the week, together with the recipe, delivers you three meals a week for the ingredients needed. With this weekly subscription, the user can’t take the time to think about what to eat, find recipes and spend hours looking for fresh ingredients.


this service includes the delivery of vegetables or meat, and emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients. It is because of the need to ensure fresh ingredients, the service is currently limited to the northeastern United States, including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and other regions.

Blue Apron co-founder and CEO Matt Salzberg said, the quality of food is our biggest advantage, our food comes from the supply of ingredients for high-end restaurants, so the quality will be high. In fact, the quality of our food than people go to the supermarket to buy a better and more fresh, because you buy through the Blue Apron ingredients, not on the supermarket shelves have been lying for a week."

weekly delivery includes all the ingredients and recipes in the three meals, all the ingredients will be fine classification packaging and labeling. According to the recipe to make a meal time control in 35 minutes. Time cost control is a big selling point for this service, and every Monday new recipes are also important for food lovers. Although this recipe is more expensive than traditional popular recipes, it is a new attempt.


in cooking, the average person in addition to considering the cost of time and new recipes, but also to consider food allergies and special dietary control and other issues. So the company also plans to launch a new program to meet the needs of users in these areas.

current Blue Apron order price is $9.99 per person per meal, free of charge and can be canceled at any time.

Blue by Salzberg, CTO Ilia Papas, as well as chef and food industry continue to build entrepreneurs Matthew Wadiak, they have raised $800 thousand investment in the current Apron.

Blue Apron will be fresh food electricity supplier and the monthly (week) order mode integration, is a new attempt. In the fresh food electricity supplier, although in the United States has FreshDirect has done a good online shopping site, but in the country to do fresh food electricity supplier is not easy, need to test >

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