Employment difficult What is the demand for web design Real wolf less meat

2013 national college graduates is about 7 million people, in fact the employment rate here is not to say, many schools hold the graduate employment package under the guise of resort to deceit, by student expose in the graduation of the moment, this year alone is college students, even students are caught in our lot, the largest population how to adapt to the pace of the society, to find a job you love that


with the advent of the Internet era, many of the new occupation is known, what kind of occupation is now in such a society that is popular and rare? IOS development, PHP technology development, or network marketing or web designer? For the first 2 kinds of work, learning cycle is relatively long, if successful treatment should also be good, then 2 work learning achievement is quick, generally 3-6 months, so to find work in the short term by proficiency in a particular line of people, network marketing and web design are more appropriate. Now is an Internet era, big and small commercial enterprises have started playing the network warfare, network warfare generally played the need that functions can be said that? Web designer is door division, no matter what business shops, as long as you want your web site to attract more people to recruit a web designer to help yourself, the general web designer in the average wage of a middle level city in about 5000, as the general BBEF web designer salary is 8000 guaranteed, senior designer salary even reached 100 thousand, demand we can easily open their own city recruitment website search for web designers, can understand the demand is great.

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why? Unemployed college students so much demand for web design is so big that we? A university should know that university courses too much theoretical, time after class, except for its own self, often read, or after the class can only know about, but web designer is a relatively strong professional point of occupation, half levels could not being valued by enterprises, many people will think here: training? Can be said now both offline and online training are too much, how can I find a really suitable for their own that? Let oneself quick start, and employment, here to recommend the A5 webmaster network training is good, can recommend local company after completion of employment, with A5 strong network, as long as You are a serious study to ensure that you can get a good job, if you want to learn web design friends can add me >