Talk about my understanding of HYP high risk investment

recently obsessed with HYIP investment projects, not only because the fly from here really earn money, at the same time compared to HYIP venture capital initially had a more profound understanding of, since in the HYIP venture project, let me on the project has been re examining and point of view, can use a word called "really is 360° change!", so today I talk about the HYIP venture to know. This is why the site for the project launched a special layout for learning and communication on the one hand.

A part of

HYIP, venture capital is Wangzhuan online investment, online payment, all from the Internet, this is the category of wangzhuan. The initial investment of HYIP in some Wangzhuan forum, slowly circulation apart, even some people separate the HYIP as obsessed with the participation of people rely on HYIP to get rich, some people have lost the market risk, have earned compensation funds as risk It is quite common for like stocks, with the characteristics of higher is HYIP compared to ordinary needs financial ability of adventurous friends to participate in, HYIP is not protected by law, the participation will always hold ready to fail, you may invest today, tomorrow the project went bankrupt, so the project called "HYIP high risk investment".

HYIP, although the risk is very big, but there are still many people who are more than happy to play, because they really earn, it’s easier than stock funds, do not always look at the policy on the investment system, waiting to receive money! ~HYIP investment threshold is low, a minimum of $1-100 can participate in, every day can be received, this kind of venture capital project in foreign countries, if people engage in this project that is illegal fund-raising, while in a foreign country "HYIP" is not legitimate or not illegal, anyway, no one to manage it. "HYIP" there should be a call can be called "private", is the Private Companies and enterprise, secretly to raise funds for investment, then investors follow company dividends, perhaps "private" easier to clarify the "HYIP" in the end is what to do.

According to the

fly, HYIP venture project has 10 years of history in foreign countries, while the domestic also in recent years. At present, engage in Wangzhuan or investment friends, 10 people have 8 HYIP venture capital, but only 3 people in the operation of the project, if you recommend this to never venture project network investment friends, so that he will not believe you killed the recommended HYIP, the new 10 people have 9 person is certainly think this is impossible, don’t believe me, if you first heard that you wouldn’t believe, including me! I believe HYIP can make money are invested fish oil and water, so people have been unremittingly still engage with the re engage, until the project is closed, and then for the project.

HYIP investment, I love, love is lazy (of course, I am not lazy, ha ha), compared to love love love investors, but, advise you not to regard HYIP as the sole source of income as a >.