How do make use of Taobao customers to earn the first money in the short term.


customers believe we are not unfamiliar, but the real money off by Taobao, there are a few people? In fact, some things, such as Taobao, although the money, but for some people, it is difficult to operate, because the content of knowledge is limited, and today, I will tell you a few do Taobao’s attention, so as to make you more easy to clear the operation of Taobao customers.

to promote Taobao off, nothing more than a few ways, today I will list which is more commonly used and effective promotion model.

A: blog promotion

is currently well-known websites, have their own blogs, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and Ai Rui, stationmaster net, net, Baidu and so on, and their authority is very heavy, the search engine spiders are very high on their list of frequency. But to illustrate is that we try not to Baidu space or Baidu products to promote their website. Although Baidu’s weight is very high, but Baidu hate others from using his products to promote your web site, if Baidu products left too many connections, easily lead to Baidu k out, so we must pay attention to.

two: forum post

to the major forum post, is relatively speaking, the propaganda effect is better, more direct publicity. But there are many shortcomings, such as publicity is generally temporary, there is no promotion of the kind of persistent blog. Therefore, for the sudden publicity effect, you can use the forum, and the persistent site, it is not recommended.

three: to the door post submission

, for example, I often go to A5 and other sites for submission, the effect is relatively good, can bring a certain outside the site, so as to improve the site’s weight. But be able to bring the flow of the site is relatively small, so in the short term, the effect may be poor, but long-term development, is good.

Taobao is a relatively profitable network to make money model, if the operation is good, it is a good income, so I hope that if you operate, then concentrate on the operation., remember my station, web site to make money.