The brand building of the website

The rapid rise of Internet companies also means a lot of money to pave the way. The new website to tell people you are, the maintenance of the old site not neglect the existing brand, so the limited media channels become the new and old site of a hotly contested spot. In the face of the reshuffle of the industrial structure, in the face of a new second different network economy, network companies should be how to build their own brands to maintain it?

can happy valley enclosure?

— some time ago about certain industries, certain first Internet company, the first e-commerce platform or is the first professional portal news release, it is followed by the critics call can be heard without end, is staking the Internet era.

– research shows that early entrants market has certain advantage, specific performance is as follows:

— first, companies that lead into the new market or the development and production of new products, the brand is more likely to be remembered by the media attention of the consumers, the frequency is also higher.

. Secondly, from the perspective of economics, the first to emerge in the minds of consumers in brand consumers are most likely to buy.

, moreover, network can shorten the time of brand growth. In the past, it took an average of 13 years for a brand to enter the market and become a market leader.

– finally, network makes the first brand easier to lock the customer base and marketing relationship, improve the later entry threshold.


— but this does not mean that you can become the first one hundred percent to become one of the best. For example speaking of online bookstore, Amazon is second to none; and talking about the online brokerage, that is not to say, the early Internet people might think it is E*Trade, because it is the first to carry out online brokerage business, but for the Internet later people especially Schwab hundred million new customers.