Taobao Wangzhuan simple strategy to teach you how to set up shop in

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many people would think. Taobao has what to learn? Look at the tutorial on Taobao website, who can shop. But some people did a few years in Taobao did not earn a few money, some people have a few months of millions of income. So it’s different.

first to talk about the source of goods, because you have no supply of good shop in vain, can be said that the supply is the most successful.

, you’re not wrong, is the source! And this is the priority among priorities. Some people may think it is ridiculous, what is the source of goods to say there is no arrival, there are still afraid of the market did not have the goods, there are people who think so, it is because you do not understand the competing mode of Taobao. The reality of things to sell, exactly the same thing, some places may sell 100 place to sell some 200. Whether to sell 100 or sell the sale of all of the 200. Even because of good publicity. Lot good. Sell 200 to sell the bulk of the selling price is still large in Taobao is not 100. Because Taobao is a network, and the network is all the people on the Internet all over the world can see, exactly the same thing you are more expensive than others even if the 10 Fen do not sell! Sell such as game card, 100 card. Other conditions are exactly the same. Your goods may not be sold at all because they cost you 5 cents more than others. Cheap 51 Fen days to sell hundreds of people. Of course, if you have a higher credit than others, praise rate is higher than others, or commercial sales, publicity done very well, you can also sell a little more expensive than others, it is just a little bit. But you have to pay a lot for this.

so good supply is very important. So what is the good source of goods? This is a model, I first say a few here.

first: one hand supply.

is also able to get the lowest wholesale price from the manufacturers. You are not required to have cheaper than all the purchase price, but at least with the price of the cheapest is the same. Absolutely can not have a personal purchase price cheaper than you. Where do you come from? If you are a big distributor, you can talk directly to the manufacturer. If it is not a big seller, at least for the time being, it must have a certain relationship, such as the boss of a factory is your relatives. Or agent, is your friend. You can discuss with him, as you start to get less but also let the manufacturers give you the lowest price, or the total generation of help, with a little help you into the goods. The advantage of this source is to sell large. Disadvantage is low profit. And have a certain amount of resources.

can’t be done by anyone. So it doesn’t matter, mainly the following