How to make a profitable Taobao guest site in 2011

API of Taobao customer due to repeated contents included large, difficult, more difficult to get ranked, want to earn money is more difficult, now Taobao guest website if you want to make money, this is the path of development of the Internet, the same truth. Now we have recognized the single page station profitability, here to talk about how to make a profitable single page Taobao station.

first step: make a template of your own

to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. Now a lot of single page web site, the production is very beautiful, directly down can be used, but a lot of owners on the use, especially some novice, and even PID are not changed directly upload. I suggest the best template to make their own, if not the ability to make their own, then modify the classic template bar. This is included and ranking is essential, search engines do not like to repeat things, many people think that only the repetition of the content is repeated, I do not know the template is also one of the factors to judge.

second step: create your own unique content

has its own template, the second step is to add content, enrich the site. Many people are worried about the content of the website, in fact, Taobao is the lack of guest website content, Taobao baby seller has a very detailed description of the contents, we should promote which one, directly with the contents of his good, some of the stores that text is put in the picture, the more is a good chance for us. Directly with the text recognition software to convert the image content into text, absolutely original oh.

now many sites Taobao acquisition, but those are automatically collected, for the picture we do when incapable of action, single page, attention is paid to the conversion rate, is the site to do a certain quality, carefully edited content is absolutely worth it. For the text of the text we use the conversion, for the text, we can also use the summary, induction, aggregation and other methods will be the content of our unique content.

third step: keyword selection and optimization

single page web site, in fact, is to use a station to optimize a long tail keywords, which is why we see a lot of single page target keywords in front of other API stations. Therefore, when planning keywords, we must carefully analyze, through the Baidu index, search and other related conversion rate of the highest key words as the site’s key words. Around the main keywords extended to 2 to 3, you do not have too much in order to focus on the weight of a good ranking.

fourth step: to improve the conversion rate of

this is the synthesis of the above points, you cannot open a website is to let people have the urge to immediately shut down, prominent, eye-catching, credible and guide the user clicks on the link, this article will not repeat a lot.

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