Zhou Hongyi the complex becomes simple, can produce the power of subversion

young people may not know what the computer is like in 70s. At that time the computer is a giant, bulky, but it seems very weak, must be placed in the room inside. People want to use the computer, you have to put on slippers, wearing a white coat. And when you can’t make an appointment, you have to wait in line.

I remember the biographies of Jobs said, he had a rough shape, just to find personal computer HP, HP declined, because HP seems, it is at most a toy. Indeed, very powerful computing capability in large IBM machine was huge, Jobs in the hands of the personal computer calculation ability is very weak, immeasurably. But it has an advantage of large machine is in any case can’t ratio, it is convenient.

convenient, this thing is too important, I think it is the most important force to promote business progress.

for example, if you buy a car, you have to learn the principle of the engine, the master of the mechanical principle can be opened, then the automobile industry can not develop until today. Today, the Internet is becoming more and more popular, with the Internet than ten years ago, is more and more simple. If the telephone is a communication technology must be able to operate, then the phone will always be a laboratory product.

I found that all innovations are from the perspective of human nature. People are lazy, all innovation is to start from the body of the lazy.

Kodak’s film camera was finally overturned by a digital camera, but when the digital camera just came out, the resolution is only 300 thousand pixels, even to the 1 million pixels, it still has a lot of imaging problems. If you wash, too horrible to look at the photo quality. However, although it has a lot of shortcomings, but through continuous improvement, it took ten years, to today, the film camera market has been completely overturned.

digital camera when successfully subvert the film camera market, but had to face the fact that digital camera itself is smart and intelligent mobile phone mobile phone subversion, subversion of digital camera and digital camera for subversive film camera is the same, it is convenient.

imagine: if you are a photography enthusiast, you will go out with a SLR digital camera. But for ordinary users, if the home also purchased a SLR camera, but he will go out with it?. Instead, they took a cell phone to take pictures. Plainly, because the mobile phone is more convenient than the slr. If the rational analysis, of course, I know the SLR camera image quality is better than the phone photos. However, as ordinary consumers, we are often irrational. Do you want to go out, subconsciously to see mobile phone pocket in touch, rather than look at the shoulder is not carrying slr.

so, this is what I want to convey a point of view, that innovation is not as complex as we imagine, so advanced. In many cases, innovation starts with a small thing