The feasibility of commercial development of personal blog advertising

eyeball there are opportunities for civilian bloggers can rely on advertising to make money?

blog since 2001 and landed in the country, to 2005 "the arrival of China blog first year", "national blog" and "celebrity blog" fiery create amazing hits, the development of blog advertising may have. The emergence of blog advertising means that personal blog has commercial value, and the blog has entered the stage of commercial exploration. This paper focuses on the "personal blog advertising", by analyzing the advantages of personal blog advertising "compared with the traditional Internet advertising, the" face of personal blog advertising "the problem put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions so as to draw the conclusion: the feasibility of commercial development of personal blog advertising.

a, personal blog advertising communication advantage

blog advertising, as its name implies, is the use of blog platform for the enterprise to promote products and services, shape the brand, establish the image of advertising. Some people think that blog advertising can be divided into three forms: 1, the same as the general network advertising, advertising in the blog website; 2, enterprises raise professional writers, in the blog published on the website and enterprise related products with strong professional knowledge, the establishment of special blog; enterprise or industry, 3 the enterprise, by the blog site for the page layout design, comments, links and other functions of the set, responsible for providing the content of the enterprise. However, the first domestic blog ads that 2005 in KESO’s blog advertising is not in the above three types, this paper will be referred to as "personal blog advertising". Personal blog advertising refers to the use of personal blog of the "popular" assets on the personal blog advertising, and pay to the owner of the blog advertising costs. This blog content basically has nothing to do with advertising, business is more to enhance the advertising effect by personal gather popularity.

personal blog advertising is a special form of online advertising, blog and traditional network media has its own outstanding characteristics, it is these characteristics become the advantages of personal blog advertising.

first, the communication effect, the real implementation of the "personal blog advertising advertising". The blog is also called "blog", in addition to transliteration, but also in the personal expression of the blog and the use of hyperlinks to form a circle called "tribal". The tribe is usually a group of people, usually with some similar characteristics. Different types of blog, a high degree of subdivision, orientation is relatively accurate, advertisers can be based on the type of blog to put advertising, so the audience’s advertising value is relatively high. Personal blog advertising actually achieved the "advertising", namely network targeted advertising, it can through the analysis of web content, users identify the location, according to advertising requirements and settings, targeted advertising.

second, in the process of communication, personal blog advertising to achieve personal to personal communication. The traditional online advertising marketing usually has two links, media communication and interpersonal communication between the audience, or call the mouth >

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