The mother’s day and do Wangzhuan network shopping

"in 2009 of May 10th, it is a year of mother’s day. Perhaps you are still in a variety of colors in the gift of hesitation, perhaps you can not go home to express regret. It does not matter, the international online fashion channel and shoes network jointly launched the mother’s day, "rob" action, immediately tell you, mother’s day should be how to express your love. At the same time, you can also grab a prize for her mother


we can see that it is a year of mother’s day, the major sites are using this hot spot to do activities. Baidu index "mother’s Day" in May 8th has reached 44972 of the attention, it can be said that these days is an absolute hot spot, good at catching the hot spot of the webmaster friends, this is a good opportunity to make money.

mother’s Day carnations, now obsolete, and many of the mothers are not practical things is not interested, as children, the use of this holiday opportunity for mother to send some practical and useful gifts, believe that mothers will be very happy.

so, when we’re giving our mothers a holiday gift, we’re making money. Now online shopping can be said to be popular in a complete mess, you think about it, when the mother in May 10 received a courier, a gift when you send the opening and found very good, how will

her mood?

we can use online shopping this mother’s day and the two combined to do Wangzhuan to make money. Here are a few steps:

1: open Taobao, Taobao page must have a mother’s Day related content, after the opening will find a lot of beautiful gifts, well, we have to choose is the beautiful gift.

2: according to these gifts to find the shop owner, asked him whether to do the promotion of Taobao customers, to find a few do Taobao guest promotion of beautiful gifts, to the background of Taobao customers find their links.

3: in your QQ, MSN, SNS, BBS, such as the extension of the link, so that someone bought a gift, you will get the appropriate commission.

well, the step is so simple, only three. Friends will ask, there is no one to buy it? The answer is yes, mother’s Day gift is now almost 100%, while Taobao’s mother’s Day gift selection, both practical and beautiful, the children will go to choose.

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