Venture capital under the financial crisis

I do is swap chain, here I will not publish my website and QQ, so as to avoid the suspicion of AD.

I was laid off in April 08

(layoffs), because in the past have been watching the station, so there is a web of ideas to make money, do not know what to do at first? At the station looking for a few days, have no clue, and added a few webmaster QQ group. Now that the industry is doing a good job, make money. Unfortunately, the time is too long to return, not to make money. After twists and turns, I heard that the king of ADMIN5 figure, this person is better, to find him. Unfortunately, he did not add QQ may he busy now. Later, before adding the QQ group, asked the king’s deeds, heard that graph king is to make N more pictures in their station. So I have a plan to do the picture station. Later in the station and find a few posts to do the picture stand to see the next article. It seems that a friend sent an article called " let your site a month iP million " probably called the name.

it’s been a long time, and I can’t remember. The content of the article is to say, first make a picture stand, and then look for a few exchange chain exchange content, and then go around to promote. Then I did it. The effect is really good. For 1 months, although not too much. But in more than 6 thousand IP, placed 1 pop and GG advertising (GG before a group of big brother sent me, thank you very much for him). One day a little income. Later, I did a lot of sites, looking for a lot of exchange chain to do, found a few good let me finish. Return is also small, a lot of repeat IP, and later thought a few days, intends to engage in their own exchange chain. Then asked the group of friends. Said the investment is very large, at least more than 30 thousand, it is the basic price, they said that the program is expensive. Everything else says. So every day I look for a free program on the site, can not find to find. Later, I saw an advertisement in the easy advertising alliance program and the medium exchange chain program. ASP 600 yuan. PHP 1500. In fact, it is not expensive and customer service chat I bought a PHP. Listen to you say PHP security and stability. In the purple rented a server 800 yuan / month, telecommunications lines. In the to buy an ad (originally in the station to buy advertising, but they are full of location),. Only 4000 yuan less than the total investment. That’s how it works. I’m happy. I got a swap chain at such a low price. There are dozens of owners to join every day, I was awfully busy! But I find this easy to exchange chain program in question. A lot of features can not be achieved, but also not cheating. 2 months after the flow of large. Web site can not open. The program does not appear to connect MYSQL phenomenon. Later, I went to ask Yi technology. He said the traffic is large, the server can not resist. Need add server. It’s not about their program. Later, after several twists and turns, Baidu, Adsense station, Admin5 search to search, and found that the program is not easy in the future (we do not buy the easy and citigroup. Waste money

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