Qi Rui Chen Lu four entrepreneurship is to get back to nature and curiosity

Chen Lu has been in business for 6 years. Once he is a God’s favored one, after graduation directly into the world top 500 enterprises, after struggling to sit on the seat of the middle-level cadres. But just 2 years later, he decided to give up the stable work and generous treatment and entrepreneurial venture, this go, that is, for the past six years.

memories of these years of entrepreneurial experience, Chen Lu think working with businesses is completely different feeling. In the enterprise work, stable, easy and comfortable, but the mechanization; oneself start a business, work overtime, lonely, but enriches and satisfies, the self value manifests. Chen Lu in the eyes of entrepreneurship is not A B rounds not achieve success and win recognition, and IPO, he believes that entrepreneurship is a curiosity, to find a means of self, but also the only way to achieve self-worth. Memories of 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, he said with emotion: "the pursuit of dreams is a very luxury thing, but the value of."

is a reporter for the Xi’an Qi Rui founder Chen Lu interview abstract (excerpt):

Webmaster: first of all, please briefly introduce your entrepreneurial team.

Chen Lu: at present, our team a total of 6 people, according to the responsibility of everyone is divided into R & D, customer service and administrative category three. Starting in 2005, so far, we have been engaged in Discuz, the development of peripheral plug-ins and applications, is a typical small development team, or you call us "small business workshop" line.

"webmaster": what do you do before you start


Chen Lu: in one of the world’s top 500 central enterprises, serving IT information manager, is responsible for the ERP project.

Webmaster: this should be a good job at the time, why would choose to leave the business?

Chen Lu: what do you say? In a big business, you have a lot of work and a sense of satisfaction. But in the course of time, follow the prescribed order, work too observant of conventional standards. becomes a bondage shackles, imagination. For example, before reading, I was full of curiosity, every little new things, very excited; can work with immutable and frozen curiosity, covered with a layer of dust, as if between self and nature slowly comb.

from the top 500 companies to leave, for up to 6 years of entrepreneurship, it seems to me as if the recovery of nature, is a response to curiosity.

"webmaster": Entrepreneurship these years, has maintained a small team size? Have you ever thought about expansion?

Chen Lu: thought, in the bigger and deeper, we chose the latter. The core values of our team are: trust, responsibility. Trust is given to the customer, and the burden of their own responsibility. The 2 word is very simple, it is not so easy to be recognized by customers, we are beyond the expected pay; late at night is a homely food once, after the night of overtime, suffering from otitis media for a month; "

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