Those fantastic small action determines the fate of his outstanding loser

see this post: Yu Ming: excellent VIP price perspective a dirty corporate culture. I have to share the excellent practice of extreme pettiness of character. Character determines destiny, excellence is always in these details where the money". I’m not Dangdang fans, nor is china-pub loyal users, as a webmaster, we mainly consider:

1: deduct a percentage from a sum of money (this point, Dangdang and outstanding net are in decline, from 10% down to the present 4%, sad ah).

2: drop rate (today focus on sharing this).


percentage, I want to make the league are clear, they (mainly the competition between excellence and Dangdang), led to the Commission fall, from the previous 10%..8%… 7%..5%… 4%.. Don’t know if it will continue to go down.

PS: as the consumer is concerned, due to the competition of excellence, Dangdang, did get a lot of benefits, the price has been reduced after all. Today we do not discuss from the consumer point of view, from a single point of view. On the single rate, I would like to receive a message from the alliance, will be surprised by their amazing policies, we look at:

that is to say, you bring a client to excellence, the customer bought a Book of 1000 yuan, but you can deduct the Commission, but the first book (assuming that it is $30).

I don’t know what feelings do excellent webmaster, anyway, I put in the website to connect all the excellence are deleted… Now that also follow this policy, and by this method the survival guide books, is certainly not.

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